A shocking announcement from VW

I wonder how many coulomb-inches it filled?

Just a very brief, factual report, sadly.

Ohhhhhh, groan…

I heard that then became ec static !

Well we’ve had a lot of fun with it :smiley: Do you remember when Nissan was Datsun? Next Toyota will change its name back to that of its founder, Toyoda.

" But why did the company change its name from Toyoda to Toyota ? … It says the winning design led to a change in the name of the automobiles and plants from " Toyoda " to " Toyota ." The name was chosen “because the number of strokes to write Toyota in Japanese (eight) was thought to bring luck and prosperity,”"

Some live wire will be getting a jolt up the backside for releasing this early.

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Stop it, PMSL :rofl:

Shocking development. Next thing coming down the wire: a rebranding/naming competition: Volkswagen, vs. Voltswagen vs. Joltwagon vs. Doltwagon vs. Jiltwagon vs. Jokewagon. etc, etc.


Did anyone see the amazing April Fool on auto-moto dot com about Elon Musk (Tesla) having bought up all other car manufacturers? It had me fooled right up to the last line when they finally said the report smelled of fish :slight_smile:

No but apparently Deliveroo has serious oeuf-en-gueule1 over its attempt at a Poisson d’avril

1] I’m guessing this isn’t actually a French expression.

I think Deliveroo’s big issue is that even with the benefit of lockdowns they still can’t turn a profit.

Just shows how stupid Wall Street analysts can be :slightly_smiling_face:

“Wall Street analysts even released guidance about what such a change might mean for the carmaker’s strategic direction”.

I think an earlier spoof VW ad sums it up nicely.


OMG no sense of humour!!!

Mettre les pieds dams le plat. Or a verb “gaffer”

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I remember an April Fool press release by Richard Branson in the mid-70’s, when he was just the head of a record company.

He said he was putting up a service where you could pay a fee and listen to any song, over the telephone, of a list he would publish …

How we, including the producer of Tubular Bells, laughed!



Yeah. ‘Brainstorm’ as we used to call him, was not an entirely silly nickname… and he is, after all, the one with his own Caribbean island now.

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friend of mine was present on R Branson’s houseboat when he agreed to release Tubular bells after 6 other companies turned it down…the rest is history.

There have been quite a few VW spoof ads in the past.
This is one of my favorites -

Yes but is he really happy ?