A short video of the port and old town in San Sebastian (Donostia)

Thanks Sandy, it did take some co-ordination :wink:

Stu, honestly I’ve no idea how the thing focuses, it does have a zoom though, but it’s digital.


We would just like to say that to be able to film and play the squeezebox at the same time is impressive. But the piece de resistance has to be Catharines singing.

Amazing little camcorder. Does it do zoom and continuous focus when your filming?

Looks lovely!! I’ve only been to San Sebastien once, many years ago when with my ex, 3 kids, a really old caravan, and even older car, we had driven all night through Spain, having been in Portugal for 3 months. The Basque seperatists decided to let all traffic into SS, then blocked all the roads out!! Chaos! We had no fuel,no fresh water and none of the traders would sell us anything. We finally escaped by joining a keystone cops kind of cavalcade through some tiny backroads only marked on cycling maps and found a way onto the motorway beyond the road blocks.
Really have to go and actually have a proper visit, it does look lovely.
And really glad you had a good weekend! XX

And a cheapo cameraman :wink:

Yes it was, not too bad for a cheapo camcorder eh?

Was that on the little HD thingy?