A Speed Camera that can almost cook lunch, as well

Interesting blurb and the video explains it clearly…

Wonder how it will get on in “real life” … sort of, watch this space … for now…

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we are actually getting a camera near our home soon. hope it will slow down some of the right “Bleeps” who drive down here like its a race track.

Maybe they speed up because they are getting close to your home :grinning::grinning::wink:

is that meant as comedy? well it is not funny I have small children and insensitive people making jokes or driving like lunatics when my kids go to catch the school bus is not funny to me.

Harry, with all those smiling faces and the wink…at the end of the sentence… it quite obviously WAS meant as light-hearted humour.

Your Doggy-Heaven sounds wonderful… and no doubt folk do love visiting. :relaxed:

We have quite a few of the Average Speed camera traps on the main roads around here. They cover around 10-15 km long stretches of road and, generally, people just don’t get it - slowing down before them and speeding up directly after them! Keeeerrrrrr-ching!!

not my idea of humour unfortunately. fed up with idiots flying down the road so are all the locals. they have petitioned for a 70 zone here too because a junction is on a bend.

Our commune petitioned for speed bumps/lights anything in fact to stop the “maniacs” on a certain section of road…village centre, narrow road, blind bend with stone walls either side (ie nowhere to go).

We were asked the question: Have there been any deaths ? :zipper_mouth_face:

Seems the near misses for pedestrians and the minor accidents/scrapes/mishaps and near heart-failure situations do not count… :zipper_mouth_face:

We are looking for a volunteer “corpse”… :wink:

I seem to remember that some years ago on holiday there were dummy corpses with a cross on by the roadside where there had been accidents. They were just metal cut outs as I recall. Might have made people think.

Yes, it was some years ago, that we first saw these… always made us check our speed…but, I am a gentle soul… not everybody takes notice of such things.

Speed bumps are not much fun, when taken at speed… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You could always try this Harry :joy:

because their is a turning with houses and now a bus stop the 70 zone will come soon and then hopefully a speed camera. Yes Hes a famous french comedian always doing practical jokes.

haha I have watched them on the uk motorways…slowing down before, then speeding up to 70…
No idea how many they actually give tickets to… but i hope they did dish them out

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