A True Professional

I am not sure if I am able to write this comment on here and if not I apologise and please feel free to remove it, but if it is okay to publish it is well deserved for a true professional who went above and beyond to provide us with practical advice ‘without any catches involved!’ and I feel my comments need to be shared for all to see.

I would like to thank a person who I encountered recently who not only was very helpful, but also extremely honest and knowledgeable in his specialist field.

My husband and I are due to buy a house soon and received from the immobilier the diagnostic report on parasites. Upon reading the report both of us feared the worse.

On looking at some post on ‘Survive France’ I came across the name of Robert Moon (applicateur3d - check his website for further details on him and his company). I wrote to Rob to ask for some advice and assistance. We are hundreds of kilometres away from where Rob is located so not knowing whether I’d get a reply or not or indeed what that reply would consist off. I was pleased to say Rob read the report and responded back to us in layman’s language, he explained everything to us in great detail, he told us not to worry and reassured us it is common in older properties to find the types of parasites that had been identified by the person completing the report, he also complimented that person for it’s contents and explained it was very in-depth and detailed. Not only did this show to us how knowledgeable Rob was it also showed his professionalism.

Rob didn’t come to see our property but when probed, he was able to give us some guestimate on costs for if he or, indeed if other people in our local area would charge if they undertook the job, this was very useful to know. He also explained and what to use if we wanted to undertake the work ourselves – DIY project!

Don’t get me wrong I am no sycophantic, I don’t know Rob; I have only heard of him and emailed him over the last couple of days, but I do know when to praise people when they have gone above and beyond. It is nice to come across people like Rob these days; providing free practical advice with no ulterior motive and I would definately recommend other people to him if asked in the future.

Thank you once again Rob; you are a true professional.

Marina Edley


Funnily enough I have just vouched for @Rob_le_Pest in another thread , totally agree with your post and thank you Robert!


I love these heart-warming “over-the-moon” attestations :hugs:, just what’s needed in troubled times! {groan} :roll_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Thank you, thank you, thank you, very kind words.

Pests are stressful and can ruin a holiday or enjoyment of living in a home.

I’m a “Happy Maker” :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes::first_quarter_moon_with_face:


Perhaps @Rob_le_Pest should be added to the Affiliates in the banner?


Again, thanks for the kind words.

I began in 2009 out of necessity. Fortunately a very good friend who is highly regarded in the industry steered me down this path. Since then I have been advising the UK industry regarding French nuisibles, Asian hornets, Pine and Oak processionary caterpillars to name but 2, I have also advised a UK pest regulatory body, campaigning for PC’s to be allowed to continue working during lock-down in the UK, which I’m please to say has now been granted.

What is good about France is that it is a highly regulated industry. It is illegal for anybody not qualified to earn an extra “bunce” for a quick spray and run. Our industry reputation in France is generally very good. UK diplomas count for nowt over here.

My aim on SFN is to offer free, up to date advice regarding unwanted guests, prevention, detection, treatment and legislation in France. It is not financially practical to visit every corner of this hexagon, unless you have too much money (although one person actually did have too much money last year!).

If I can’t help personally, I have a network of reliable [French] Pest Controllers with various levels of English, if not, I’ll find one, I also offer a free mediation/translation service (within reason) if one is struggling to communicate.

I survive by my reputation, I’d rather not charge than have Matt Allwright from Watchdog banging on my sonnette!



Folk like you are rare as hen’s teeth… and are to be treated with great respect. :relaxed: :relaxed:

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Whilst there’s mutual appreciation banding around, I’d like to give some back to #SurviveFrance. Nothing better to do on another wet afternoon, I asked my [google] smart speaker for a “British Pest Controller in France”. The reply was “According to Survive France…”

So well done the Higgies’, the Admin Team and the contributors, for making Google reference Survive France for their first point of call for a British service in France.

Good job Survive France Network!