A Warning From History For Those Who Come To France

I was reading today in the hospital waiting room, and came across this paragraph from Cranford by Elizabeth Gaskell.

It really made me smile, so I will share it here.

".......that Mr. Holbrook was dead..........

To think of that pleasant day last June,when he seemed so well! And he might have lived this dozen years if he had not gone away to that wicked Paris, where they are always having revolutions."

So, you have been warned............Stay away from Paris!

I missed the BBC serialisation of it, but it's a piece of history, and that paragraph really made me laugh.

I have read a couple of her Gothic ghost stories that Dickens published in his Household Words magazine but never any of her books. Kind of a cocktail of Victorian sentimental and Gothic in what you quote. But quite right. Stay away!