A wry pleased smile

I have been reading most of the I can’t get my carte/titre/driving licence or whatever and can’t keep a smug little smile crossing my face.After all I have always had a carte/titre de sejour and changed my driving liccence the first few months of my emigration.Even after freedom of movement I always renewed my carte because working here with a carte was a damn sight easier then not having one.Dispite all the you don’t need one being yelled at me.Now that the pigeons have come home to roost so to speak, I’ll not say anything to the detracters but smile and think told you so.:smiley::smiley::smiley::smiley:


Really, not having a CDS made no difference to us or our four children from finding employment.

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I worked for quite a few tiny entreprises that had no clue about the regulations after freedom of movement, was so much easier then debate the subject.

Had one back in 2001 but not since. Did a maîtrise and have worked all over the place without one.

Enjoy your wry smile, but we had no problems without a CdS. And surely you are in exactly the same boat as the rest of us in that you have to go through he same site to exchange it?

We actually did get EU ones last year just in case of no deal, and it took all of 20 minutes.

Driving licences are perhaps a different story as OH still waiting for his.

No because after the vote I decided to go for french citizenship, which after dithering about(me not the prefecture) I recieved in on 28 09 2020.
My driving licence was done in 1992 as was my first carte. My last carte was valid till 2027.

No one has said they have been rejected for their card, it is very unlikely in 99.9% of cases. Yes the drivers licence is a pain at the moment (and to be honest has been a long time, as a lot of us were told ‘you don’t need to change’ when applications made so not necessarily personal choice) but it will all come out in the wash. As others have said I have lived here over 20 years on and off and have never needed a CDS.

Not sure of the point of such a smug post. :thinking:


All the shi# that I took from brits about me having a CDS makes me smug .To see and hear these very same people bleating makes me smug.
Were you here before 1999? If you were then you would know why I kept my CDS up to date.

I worked on a campsite in '98 but only came to live and bought our first house in '99. We asked for CDS in Carcassonne and were told it was not needed and to go away.

Perhaps that says more about you than them?


Yes well try being a French person (born French) who passed her driving test and got her driving licence in the UK - total nightmare to change, which is why I haven’t done it. It is miles easier for foreigners.


Smug’s never a good look Richard and you might get a bad dose of the schadenfreudes :nauseated_face:

Anyway, now that you’re an adopted EU citizen you won’t need a CdS will you? So, I guess all that renewing business was a waste of time after all :slightly_smiling_face:


Read that post with incredulity (is that right?) and scrolled down and it wasn’t till I saw your post, John Scully, that a smile beamed across my face!


Until the last 12-24 months not having a CdS made no differnece to us.

We are legally installed in France. Pay our taxes, impots and never had any problems as EU citizens.

So we are pretty smug about that, smug seemingly being the theme of the OP’s post.

Never had a problem about our UK driving licences, such a non-issue.

However we can’t be quite as smug as the OP as we haven’t had the luck that he has had in getting the fonctionaires at our Prefecture to comply with our demands for a CdS UE over the past 15 years.

I guess smugness is a relative thing.

Nobody loves a smart-a…e, even though some people love being one.

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have you put your application in now Grahame?