A - Z challenge… a step too far?!

Bonjour all,

I'm considering signing up to the A - Z challenge, blogging every day in April under the theme of a different letter, the details are here:


It would be good promotion for my little blog, but I'm wondering if it's a step too far, and it'll fall flat as I won't have time to write, or it'll swamp my blog with substandard posts… Does anyone have experience of taking on a challenge like this, I'd really like to hear what happened before I sign my blog away?!

Many thanks and best wishes from Haute-Vienne,



Ha ha, yes and that does rather add to the 'maybe I'd better give this more thought' camp!

Well I suppose for Q and Y you could deviate a bit and start off with Quark and Yoghurt - but X - all I can think of is xylophone!

Good thinking - I'd be pondering over Q X and Y, given that I write mostly about cheese… think this might be a step too far, but I'll give it some more thought!

I've had a look at this and been thinking about it and while it looks fun it dépends on whether or not you think you CAN blog every day? Alternatively (and it may be cheating) why not start now with blogs on different letters - that way you can see whether it's something you'll enjoy doing AND be happy with the quality of what you write?

I'm not the sort of person who COULD blog every day. But we're all different!