A2 French language course

Hi All,

Doe’s anybody know if there is a recognised A2 French language course with a qualification/certificate that i can do online before i move to France as I’m going to struggle I’m 66 and the old brain is not what it was,

There are lots and lots of online courses, so depends very much on your preferences for learning.

If you are just starting your move to France you most likely have 5 years before you need an actual qualification/certificate. But the recognised ones require you to go to a test centre to do them. You will then need the TCF or DELF qualification. I think this is a very good starting place to work out your level and get an idea of what you need to learn.

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Wondering if the test has to be completed not exceeding a certain amount of time before.

TCF has a 2 year validity.DELF is for life.

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I read that people moving to France in the near future will be required to show competency at A2 level before they can apply for a carte de séjour. I think this may deter people and I think France is in the minority for introducing this at such an early stage. However living in France requires communication daily so shouldn’t really be too onerous. How this is going to be introduced I don’t think is that clear yet.

There is another thread on this I think. But anyway

It is just a proposal, and not passed into law yet

The proposals relate to getting cartes des residents, not visas. So for most it will be something they have to do once here for 5 years on renewing visas. Others may be asked to do it sooner, but free french lessons are provided.

The will be medical exceptions most likely.

And A2 is pretty basic!!

Just got back home, from sharing orange cake around the village.
At the last house, I ended up chatting with someone from the Prefecture on this very subject.

As others have already said… this A2 language thingy… is a proposal and the law has not yet been passed.