About bloody (and I use the word advisedly) time

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These poor people are caught up in international politics, those nations who are calling for them to be protected are the same nations that withdrew funding for UNRA which is the main organisation providing relief for them.

Hopefully matters are gathering momentum… I’ve thought for months that the international banking system is the way to peacefully bring Israel back under control.

And just now… "The French foreign ministry said on Tuesday it would impose sanctions on Israeli settlers who use violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank, Reuters reports.

“France will impose sanctions on extremist Israeli settlers who are guilty of violence against Palestinian civilians in the West Bank … 28 individuals will be banned from entering French territory,” the foreign ministry said in a statement"

Plus… "Former UK foreign secretary William Hague called for the removal of Benjamin Netanyahu. He said: “The long shot of building trust and a two state solution has little chance without the removal of Netanyahu”.

Francesca Albanese, an Italian academic and UN special rapporteur on the occupied Palestinian territories, said the “atrocities” in Gaza were reaching “a new level of horror” after she was banned from entering Israel.

The Israeli foreign and interior ministries on Monday banned Albanese, from Naples, from entering the country due to her “outrageous assertion that the victims of the 7 October massacre were not killed for being Jewish but in response to Israeli oppression.”

Albanese had made the remark beneath a story by Le Monde on social media. Addressing her comment to French president, Emmanuel Macron, she added: “France and the international community have done nothing to stop it. My respects to the victims.”

Albanese said that the entrance ban “is not news”, as Israel “has denied entry to ALL special rapporteurs” since 2008. She wrote on X: “This must not become a distraction from Israel’s atrocities in Gaza, which are taking a new level of horror with the bombing of people in ‘safe areas’ in #Rafah.”

In response to a post on X, Albanese said: “The present is painfully revealing. I refuse to be intimidated by those complicit in the perpetuation of the #Nakba – forced displacement, killing & grave harm aimed at preventing return. Denial won’t erase the tragedy, as history repeats with even greater ferocity.”

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The words of Edgar Morin, 102 year old Philosopher and Jewish WW2 resistance fighter (translated from French):

""I am both astonished and outraged by the fact that those who represent the descendants of a people who were persecuted for centuries for religious or racial reasons… That the descendants of this people who are today the decision-makers of the State of Israel, that they could not only colonize an entire people, partly drive them out of their land and seek to expel them for good… But also, after the massacre of October 7, engaged in a real massive slaughter on the populations of Gaza and continue, incessantly, hitting civilians, women, and children.

And to see the silence of the world, the silence of the United States, protectors of Israel, the silence of the Arab states, the silence of the European states who claim to be defenders of culture, humanity, human rights.

I think we are living through a horrible tragedy because we are also powerless in the face of this thing that is unleashing. At least, I say: bear witness! The only thing that remains if we cannot resist concretely is to testify. Let’s resist in our minds, let’s not be fooled, let’s not forget, let’s have the courage to face things head-on."

The video of him delivering this speech is in the link.