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Forgive me if I have wandered in to Th eTime Wanderer category yet again, or have simply missed any updates.

As I write it is Friday 24th,May, 2019 and the UK Election Results areb out with a 52% anti-EU vote and obviously 48% pro-Europe.

So maybe it is now time to update or confirm the Referendum vote of 016? In my view it simply confirms the original, which in reality means the past 2-3 years has simply been a complete and utter waste of time, effort and money.
This cannot be disguised as 'people ‘not knowing’, or ‘being lied to’ or any of those other excuses/reasons. Hardly original but it is a conformation that the majority of Brits hate and detest everything to do with the EU. Surely this is evidenced by the votes for Farage and his ilk, plus we now see the imminent appointment of Johnson as the new British PM.
These two frontline politicians patently represent to views of the majority of the UK. To try and deny the obvious racism and xenophobia of the majority of the Brits is pointless as this wasn’t a questionable referendum but a clear and open reflection of what Britain now represents - i.e an ELECTION which surely shows exactly what the Brits feel? Not every single one, but a clear and undeniable majority?
YOUR Country as many have indicated.
Now as expats how will you react and respond to your countrymen?
Will you now throw over the values of the EU and accept those of your countrymen - or what?
Will you stay in France (or other European country) or leave to go back to the UK? Your ‘home of heritage’?
I made my decision yonks ago, and the UK means absolutely zilch to me, and a perverse even unkind part of me now wants the UK to descend into Third World status (I feel the same about the USA so don’t take too personally:)

Yet I recognise that many here in France and on this site, feel no more French than I feel British, So how will you square the circle? Stay or return?