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Hi I am a new member but feeling very daft as I have no idea how to post and can see no obvious introductory message telling me what to do. Can someone give me a short explanation . Thank you so much.

Hello Isabella and welcome to the Forum.

What do you see on the screen when you open the SurviveFrance forum??

Hi Stella. Thanks for getting back to me. I’d like to say that I’m no computer wizard to begin with and I’m finding the site a challenge as a newcomer.

When I go onto the site the page that comes up shows a topics list ie technology or general discussion . Some small round photos or letters sit to the right of these. I assume from contributors.

At the top there are tabs for, all categories, all tags, latest, top, new , unread and categories.

I suppose I expected to see a tab saying post question. I’m sure it will all be very simple and my naïveté is showing my age.

Many thanks


Perhaps @james can help you…

good luck

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Hi Isabel and welcome!

On the main page, click on + New Topic

Write a title for your question and pick a category or leave that as it is if you want, type your question below.

Best of luck!