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(James Higginson) #1

This section is geared towards people moving to / from France. Whichever way you are crossing the channel (or the big pond!), there are probably lots of things you’ll want to know - so ask away!

(Teresa Howe (Penn)) #2

Hi James and everyone, can you please advise/explain about your experiences if you have lived a part time life in France. Our synopsis - Have had house near Perpignan for eight years and spend school holidays there (I’m a teacher). From January we are driving my car over and embarking on a part time working life there, for a year (our initial thoughts).
Jon needs to be back in UK approx. two weeks a month (roughly same time each month). I’ll come back for at least one of those weeks to see family and do some supply teaching. When we are in France I want to find work teaching English OR anything I can with my transferable skills. SO things to be advised on - Car insurance (have found French company Generali that will insure if I re-register within 3 months) Does AXA offer anything? Secondly, health cover? I WANT TO BE TOTALLY LEGAL