About the Property for sale category

This is the place to advertise property for sale or wanted. All are welcome, private sales or agents. Please make sure you only list one property per topic. Include a full description and as many images / details / reports / links as possible. The more information you include, the more likely your property is to sell.

Please don’t list any properties without photos.

Don’t forget to include the location - you could use google maps and the cadastral plans - and maybe some information about the region. Oh, and of course the price!
We will be promoting and sharing the best looking posts via our various social media channels so make sure your topic looks good!

Hi James,

Are these the current rules because Catharine wrote in January 2015, regarding agents’ ads

“This service is for private sales ONLY. It doesn’t necessarily need to be your property - it can be your friend Suzy’s nephew’s cousin Fred’s house but…NO agents please.”

In a nutshell "qui porte la culotte sur ce site ? " …Kidding. As an agent, I just want to make sure I am playing according to the rules.



We’re trialing agency ads too now, please help yourself. :slight_smile:

Hello James,
I would like to post my property in your ‘property for sale’ cateogry. How do I go about it?

  • New Topic and select the Property for Sale category :slight_smile: