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Hi I have just registered on the site and this is my first post.
We are considering a house purchase but have discovered termites. We don’t know whether to walk away or if we are being overly fearful. Obviously we would follow recommended treatments but we are seeing so much negative comments regarding supposedly competent contractors who prove unsatisfactory that we don’t know where to start. In addition there seems to be so much in the disclaimer on what couldn’t be checked that we are feeling very nervous about proceeding with this sale. Are we over reacting. Any comments from experienced knowledgeable home owners would be welcome. Thank you.

Hi my post is showing as Sept. 16. This is incorrect. It is Jan. 2019. Sorry just trying to work out how to use the site.

Termite control is mastered by the Americans. They sell termite bait boxes which attract termites to them through a strong pheronome, the termites then return a poison to there main nest. This is usually outside your property. So situate your boxes evenly around the perimeter of your house and refill them with supplied substance every 2 months. You can buy them on ebay , I think there about £30 A box with solution.

I appear to have just inherited a house just outside Lourdes. Problem is I am stuck in Australia for at least next 2 months. Looking for short and long term advice. Short term does anyone know someone (including real estate agents) who could clean the house of spoilables (eg food, generally make sure taps and elecricity is off and put large chain and lock on front gate. Later i may be looking for ongoing help but heres an odd question. Would a large furnished including linen etc home be of use to Ukrainian refugees for 2-3 months or do the negatives outweigh the positives