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This is the place to discuss anything relating to buying, selling and maintaining your property. Ask questions and get help on anything from termite reports to septic tanks to installing a pool to general running costs to interior decor!

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Hi I have just registered on the site and this is my first post.
We are considering a house purchase but have discovered termites. We don’t know whether to walk away or if we are being overly fearful. Obviously we would follow recommended treatments but we are seeing so much negative comments regarding supposedly competent contractors who prove unsatisfactory that we don’t know where to start. In addition there seems to be so much in the disclaimer on what couldn’t be checked that we are feeling very nervous about proceeding with this sale. Are we over reacting. Any comments from experienced knowledgeable home owners would be welcome. Thank you.

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Hi my post is showing as Sept. 16. This is incorrect. It is Jan. 2019. Sorry just trying to work out how to use the site.