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In January 2017, I retired from working in France and returned to live in Hastings. One of the reasons for moving here was that we can be in Ashford International in 30 minutes by train to connect with the Eurostar. Since then Ashford International has been closed to Eurostar trains and we have a detour of at least three hours to go back into London and back out (passing through Ashford).

We now have a hard border between us and Europe which means we have to go through English and French customs. Eurostar has decided that the cost of setting up customs in Ashford International is an expense they can do without.

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. When Eurostar asked for financial help during the pandemic, the UK refused. Now that Eurostar is fully owned by the French and the Belgians, they took the decision to leave the infrastructure at Ashford unused and the UK has absolutely no say in the matter.

And in hindsight we should never have moved to Hastings.