About time I posted another pic

Afternoon all. After trying oils; i did not go back to Acrylics, so thought it about time i did. Here is a little A4 effort . Apart from a base brush with blue and green backgrounds, it is all with palette knife.


very nice

Just lovely and such a skill. I’m always really in awe of people who can capture and create images - as I am of those who can play musical instruments - such a gift.

Thank you guys; it is an ongoing hobby that just consumes me. Although i could perhaps draw a little better than average, most of the sub skills are learnt, same as playing golf i think. Maybe you do have to have a “bent” towards it; in my skin, i just try and learn the techniques from watching youtubes :slight_smile:

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Have painted a few since last post here, this one has a calming influence I think…Now I am painting a bedroom wall to hang it on… there is always a price :smiley:


Very calming Glenn, waves are my bête noir ! :star_struck:

Love that Glenn…beautiful…:heart:

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Finished this one yesterday… dabbled on it over a few days. A3 in Oils…

I do, do other things besides the sea :wink:


Lovely, I’m sure that you do lots of other paintings apart from the sea, but it’s where your heart belongs I think :slight_smile: