About to return to my house in Lodeve after a few months away what is the situation with SATELLITE TV

I have a dish and a dodgy sky box we used to get most of the free to air channels will it work?

shoud I bring a FREESAT box with me they are chaep as chips at JOHN LEWIS or should I bite thebullet and go for SATELLITE INTERNET TV

Thoughts please???

it'll have to be Satellite internet we still have wind-up phones in Lauroux! Thanks Brian I've stocked up on box sets to get me through... actually its for the children as I like not having brit tv its all part of the difference to me. But of course the Satellite internet will be useful for my consultancy business!


Just internet streaming advised IF your line speeds are up to it. Filmon and Zattoo give as much range as Freesat or Sky already. Satellite internet is more expensive but if the line speeds are low then go for it. There are already several threads on this topic you can find with far more comprehensive replies than this too, have a look.