Above ground pool

After discussing and procrastinating for nearly 9 years we have decided to go for it this summer and get an above ground pool. We have found a good deal on a preloved one in very good condition which has helped the decision (Intex). 2 kids have left home while we´ve been procrastinating so we just want to do it so at least the little one can enjoy it! The hot summers that are far beyond our 2 months of village pool are also playing a part for me as I know I´ll be much better at getting on with stuff if there is a pool to cool off!

It´s this pool: Piscine tubulaire rectangulaire Ultra XTR Intex 5,49 x 2,74 x 1,32 m

It includes a sand filter, not a silly cartouche one:

So I have a few questions. Do any of you have an above ground? Any tips / hints / recommendations etc on upkeep from anyone with one? Any recommendations for accessories I need to buy, ie robot vacuum etc? Where is the cheapest place to buy all the bits we´ll need?

@corona I´m presuming all your wonderful info you are always posting is only for proper pools? Any that can be used I´d love to hear. Hubby is comfortable and good at dabbling / repairing stuff. He already has a some sort of heater and intends on setting up a solar system to run the pump.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Whilst not being an expert on intex pools, I do have an understanding of their setups as many customers started with them.
My first recommendation is to fit the Intex surface skimmer if you currently only have the hole in the wall.

If the filter is empty then I would advise not using sand but Dryden Aqua’s AFM ng glass, note the ng version as this filters much finer and therefore removes far more from the water. Availble in LeRoy Merlin last time I looked in the Bayrol tubs, of course you may find it for less on line.

Eau de javel from a brico shed 20ltr bidon. The pool is about 20m3 so 200 ml would give you 1ppm of free chlorine.
Dont use dip strips for testing, they are near useless, get a DPD1 and pH test kit minimum.

You should start with a Dichlor tablet in a floting dispenser to build up the CYA stabiliser level to 30-50 ppm. Then switch to javel. CYA testers are rare in France but you can buy them on line. It is an essential test, without CYA in the water the sun’s UV will burn up the chlorine in 2-3 hours.n

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We had an Intex above ground pool for seven years until I got fed up with it and the kids had left home, plus Bretagne is not swimming pool friendly due to the inclement weather and lack of really hot sun all but for a few weeks per year! From seven years of what was actually slave labour on my part I would say make sure the ground is completely level (we dug out the lawn and made a level sand bed to protect the bottom from any stones), don’t have it near trees that shed leaves or in a spot that is mostly shade all day. Keep it pristine as germs can cause gastro and be vigilant for cats and birds as well as non-swimmers/little ones. Other than that, enjoy but make sure you can fill it in your dept, we are not allowed here to have them currently due to lack of water.

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And also isn’t it declarable for tax? They check with drones or helicopters from time to time I have heard.
Alternatively, dig a swimming pond as I did, no laws, no declarations, no tax and er…oh yes, no heat either. :wink: :joy:

No, above pools are exempt as they are not permanent structures (they degrade over the years) nor are the very limited size of 4 x 3m inground ones like everyone around me has, just enough to keep cool in. However they are subject like all sources of water, to be used by the pompiers in an emergency without permissionof the owner.

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I didn’t realise they were exempt from tax, just from having protective fencing but I bow to your superior knowledge never having being troubled by such rules (my pond does have fencing but that was because I have had foster dogs in the past who loved to jump in and I was worried for the liner from their claws :roll_eyes:).

As regards the pompiers my pond is superbly placed on higher ground, about the level of our roof. :smiley:

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@toryroo This appears to suggest that there may be a financial cost of putting the pool up

Seven years with our Intex above ground pool was quite the journey, but Bretagne’s weather and maintenance demands made it feel like an uphill battle. Lesson learned: level ground, vigilant upkeep, and a good spot are key. Now, it’s time to bid adieu to our aquatic adventures, at least until the water regulations change :grinning:.

Yes some do struggle and not just with Intex. Happy to throw out bad practices to improve everyones enjoyment and remove the stress.