Absent and replacement teachers in College


My sons college French teacher has been off sick in the Autumn, and is now on Maternity. The remplacement didn't turn up and has been signed off sick until the end of the school year.

The Principale is trying to get another but says it may not happen for this school year.

It really worries me that they are missing out on so much - any my son being French /English really needs his French lessons.

Are they not obliged to provide a teacher..

Does anyone have any experience of this.. are they obliged to share around the other 2 french teachers with the classes missing their teacher - they are saying that it will only be the classes of the absent teacher that miss out..

Are there any other ways of finding teachers (i posted on our local but big facebook pages and a french mum helpfully thought this was hilarious as the system will sort it.. i pointed out they had so far failed and the headmaster had previously told me he was surprised the parents hadn't tried harder to find a replacement...

Is anyone on here a teacher wanting to come for the last few weeks of a ski season and summer in the mountian area of Bozel, 73?

Any help / thought / experience / teachers much appreciated.

thanks all


My friend is now teaching in two colleges as a replacement for the replacement teacher!!

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My stepsons lycee is terrible for absent teachers. I posted about this a few months ago, here's the link. http://www.survivefrance.com/forum/topics/absent-teachers It seems this is a big problem throughout France.

Since then there have been teachers absent every week. EVERY WEEK. One week there were a total of 4 teachers absent meaning a loss of 12 hours of teaching time. Some teachers are absent for weeks with no replacements. My stepson tells me they no longer even bother putting the students in a classroom to study. They are just left to roam the school and do what they want.

Recently my stepson had a class at 8am for 1 hour and then nothing until after lunch at 2pm when he had another 1 hour class. He didn't bother hanging around for 5 hours and just came home and I would have done the same thing.

Whatever the reasons it's terribly sad that this country is suffering from such a substandard education system. I wonder how it will affect the kids who are experiencing it?

Sian, I spent a lot of time in Savoie and teachers have always been difficult to come by!

One of the reasons is that teachers, and especially substitutes, are put off by the remoteness of the area, the lack of public transportation and, especially, the lack of affordable accommodation. The Rectorat cannot force a substitute teacher to accept a replacement, even if they do have qualified teachers who are are currently out of work.

In your position, I think I would pester the school Principal to find someone locally, tackling the Rectorat will be time-consuming and they might not react before next autumn, or send you the substitute from hell!

I have the same experience with my two sons at college. Last year he hardly had any French lessons at all. The teacher was back every once in a while, which stoppped them from getting a replacement.

It seems to be a recurrent theme. I haven't done anything about it at the time. But at least you know you are not alone.

Good luck there!

Orna, Draguignan, Académie de Nice

My wife is a teacher with the education nationale in France and has been for more than 20 years now. She is so fed up with the under funding and under staffing coupled with the long hours that she is on the point of packing it in for good and doing something else.

If they are without a teacher for a continuous fortnight or more then a replacement must be found; I am assuming you have written an official letter of complaint to the principal? I see you are in the Académie de Grenoble, you need to get other parents on side, perhaps all of you can write letters complaining to the Recteur - that is about the only way to get them going. The Rectorat is supposed to have replacement teachers on hand (TZRs) and set about finding spares if they are out of stock - write and perhaps also contact the local paper, if there is also a movement about the reform you might get a bit of interest. I'm surprised you have been without a French teacher for so long, there are usually a lot of replacements for them.

Good luck!