Absolute must watch!

Very, very funny!!!

56 views, anyone watched it or are you waiting for after dinner to curl up by the fire?


I have watched a few of his videos, Very funny . :joy: I think James posted his you tube links.


In recent months I’ve shown his videos to a few carefully selected French fiends (I’ve also shown them to some carefully selected French friends) and they’ve been well received. Incidentally, in his live in Paris video, the guy in the front row who Taylor’s winding up the whole time is an American who authors the Benjamin French tuition web site

My favourite is his skit on the faces the French pull when they’re apparently completely unable to understand a word that you’ve pronounced fractionally incorrectly (my butcher’s the worst - I know the names of all the French cuts of meats, but if I don’t pronounce them in la langue d’oc, I might as well be speaking Martian). Some do it if you just slightly soften the word’s ending - I’m sure they’re winding me because they think I’m trying to speak like some pretentious Parisian bobo. I’m just a foreigner,trying to speak french, let me speak like one!

The odd thing is that in the UK, if one has a foreign accent, one’s immediately spared from being precisely located within the English class system - you might be a pauper or a millionaire but it doesn’t matter because it’s not important. You’re just foreign! Nevertheless, my Anglo / New England / South African mongrel accent has on several occasions been described as sounding ‘verry Morningside’ .

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Seen loads of his vids, very funny, very true

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