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Hello everyone :slight_smile:

I am a student in IESEG school of Management in Paris and i’m currently doing my thesis.

It will be really helpful for me if you answer to my survey.

It’s in english and it takes around 5minutes!

Read carefully the first page that shows up to understand well the context.

Thank you for your help ! <3

My survey

Hi Alexia,

If you had mentioned in your posting, the apps that you were asking the questions about, the people that use those apps might be interested in completing your survey. As for me, I had heard of only one of those apps and don’t use it.
Good luck,

Hello Paul,

You are free to think about whatever apps you want except social networks. I gave some examples in the first page of the survey but you can think of any other apps i didn’t mentionned.

Thank you,


Hi Alexia,

But if I don’t know what the apps do, any questions asked of me about them are meaningless to me. I have an android smart phone and most of the time it is used to make calls or texts. I use whatsapp a lot to keep in contact with family and friends around the World, but I would expect that you would call that a Social Media app.


Yes, if you don’t use any other apps i can understand why it’s difficult to answer. But even google maps is an app, maybe you use it sometimes.
And yes whatsapp is a social media app and my study is about entertainment apps.

Hi Alexia,

Yes, I do use Google maps, but I wouldn’t call it an entertainment app. If your survey is just about entertainment apps, those you would like to complete the survey, would need to know. I have just remembered that I use a card game app from time to time. Does that count?


Hi Alexia, a few lines of comment on my anonymous contribution to your survey. I chose the French health app ActiveDos which is educative, entertaining in a way (to me), and it serves a worthwhile purpose IMO.

I’m a risk-taker where the disclosure of personal information goes, and always have been. This applies a lot in interpersonal relations. It has never (as far as I am aware) been detrimental, nor have I been seriously compromised by telling the occasional lie.

Since the advent of social media (having used the internet extensively for developing social contacts ever since its public availability i.e 20 years or so) I have become slightly more conscious of the risk of data-abuse and possibly more alert to the possibility of malicious exploitation. I recognise that the risks are exponential.

I think your work is useful and I applaud your engagement with the issues. The survey seemed to me to be well-designed though I am no expert, only marginally an academic and at 80 well washed up jetsam/detritus to boot.:joy:


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Hi Alexia

I imagine the term entertainment invites a very wide range of possible interpretations, and I wonder how/if you have restricted them for the purposes of your study. The question is itself entertaining me.

I enjoy doing surveys, and find them entertaining as they are intellectually stimulating and emotionally engaging: the latter because they open up the possibility of contributing to a socially valued endeavour, and feeling some satisfaction in doing so. I know some others strongly dislike surveys and questionnaires.

I used the French health app ActiveDos which is involving, instructive, supportive, and serves a very worthwhile social purpose. I use other French ‘health’ apps as well which have similar appeal for me. I have frequently engaged with the ‘owners’ to ask questions, with very positive supplementary results in terms of entertaining discussion IMO.

Best wishes, Peter

Yes that’s perfect! It is not only entertainment but all the apps that are not social networks. In the first page that shows up you have some information that may help you to understand better the study :slight_smile:

Thank you Peter to share all of that with me, that’s very nice :slight_smile: