Access to the French 'Government Gateway' type of site

…for a French citizen.

Hi All,

I have read and heard a fair bit about registering cars through the ANTS system and such, and I know that this is impossible for me at present not being a fiscally resident to do so. HOWEVER, in a similar vein, it would appear that we have a similar issue relating to Flo’s access to see her pension situation.

In the past, she has been able to access a website so see how her State and other pensions are ‘sitting’, but this appears now not to be possible as, she tells me, the website has changed and she has no idea how to access this data.

I said to her that it may have something to do with the similar situation for ANTS, but I really dont know.

Is there anyone here, and I am thinking primarily a French citizen, who can enlighten us as to what to do?

As a French citizen I would have expected Flo to be able to access French Government websites for information such as her pension contributions and such. If she DOES / IS able to access this through this new-fangled system, does this mean that she will also be able to access ANTS?

A right minefield!!!


The government’s public website project keeps evolving, which does mean that the range of things you can do online, and the way you do them, keeps changing.
Which site did she used to use? Which caisse is her pension with? If she was an employee I think it would be Carsat and their website is here but if she is with CIPAV or one of the other separate caisse then obviously that is the one she needs to access. Once she has the correct site then as long as she has all her personal info and reference numbers she should be able to retrieve her existing account or set up a new one.
Hope that helps.

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I bet that you are counting the days until you can be here Carl…

It’s not just us British who sometimes have problems with bureaucracy then… I have learned some ‘interesting words’ from my French friends when they get stuck in the system. Hope that Flo gets everything sorted. :wine_glass::wine_glass:

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Carl it’s here

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Hi Ann - Really cannot wait to be honest…just trying to see how me might survive if I was to give up full-time work here in the UK…

Hi Simon

Thanks for this.

One thing I have noticed on this site is the box ‘s’indentifier avec FranceConnect’ Does this mean that Flo will need some kind of access number - similar to accessing the ANTS site?

Carl FranceConnect groups together access to all State portals ie tax, medical, retirement and even La Poste and ANTS
The idea being your ID for one portal gives access to all
A brilliant service !

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I will get Flo to take a look this evening but, if she lives here in the UK and no longer pays tax in France (other than our taxe d’H), how can she access???



Well done simon… I was just thinking - “could Flo telephone and speak with someone…” :hugs:


You are a Gentleman Sir!!!

Went through all those calculations many years ago and in the end we decided to give it a go… things might change next year re pension, I won’t get mine for another couple of years and it will make a difference but no point worrying too much about what may happen …:scream:

I can be Carl - not all the time though!! :wink: