Accidents de la Vie

I was ‘encouraged’ to take out an Accidents de la Vie insurance which covers my husband and myself, but I’m rather embarrassed to admt I don’t actually understand what use it is! The lady who encouraged me said things like ‘they will walk your dogs for you’, ‘do your housework’ ‘do your shopping’ and it all sounded like a good idea and it’s not expensive - 18 euros a month to cover us both.

Last week my husband fell from a ladder and broke his foot. He’s in plaster in a convalescent home for two months, at the moment unable to even stand up.

I remembered about the insurance and have just looked at the policy but am still really not much wiser. As I am technically able to do the shopping once my car is back on the road and I’ve recovered from Covid, their help wouldn’t be required or even available, would it?

I’m wondering whether it’s really worth having this insurance unless both of us are unfortunate enough to have an accident at the same time and serious enough to put us both in hospital? I can see it being useful for a single person, but for a couple? What do others think?

It should be available as long as the insured is incapacitated.

Looking at I’d guess out of pocket expenses due to the injury, or other losses, would be covered.

It should also cover (eg) loss of salary - unless retired, of course.

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I’m sure @fabien will be happy to explain more but you might need to outline the policy detail to him.


Fabien is definitely the expert but it seems to cover loss consequent to an accident where there is no other party from whom you could claim compensation.

So, e.g., if you lost income, had to spend money on taxis to and from hospital, had to employ someone to walk the dog, do the shopping , do the housework etc while you were incapacitated etc.

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In general with insurance policies you have to inform them of the event quite quickly. Since you’ve paid for it why not phone them to report the accident and ask what can be claimed? Gardening, cleaning, etc


Yes, I will call them tomorrow if I’ve got my voice back. :slight_smile:

How did you get on?

Nothing so far. They have asked for reams of information from the hospital, none of which I have at the moment. It’s all in the convalescent home. I’ll see if they will let me have it or copy it next time I visit.

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