Accommodation in Scotland

Though I'd give this a try.

Would any of you know of any available accommodation in Central Scotland from 6th to 13th August this year. There will be 6-8 of us. The accommodation can be in a town or village.

Please reply with prices if you have anything suitable.

Best regards

We booked the whole place once for a Harley Davidson convention - it was really first class and they also have 2 houses nearby for rental also - good rates.

We stayed in a cottage just outside Stirling, Osprey Hideaways. They were reasonably priced, very well appointed and I would love to go back!

I think they have cottages with different number of rooms. This is the link to their facebook page:


Contact Eleanor at West Drip Farm, about 3 miles out of Stirling, they used to have 3 or 4 six sleeper cottages for hire, but I don't know about availability, they seem to be pretty popular - we have used them in the past and have been more than satisfied - I can imagine that August would be pretty expensive though.

Checking their website on Google, it would appear that they have cut down their number of cottages to just two - Tigh Mor is the most recently done up one, although we have stayed in both Rowan and Hawthorn with our multiple offspring on several occasions, and once in another property nearby also owned by them at the time, which no longer appears to be available for rental.

Thanks James, I'll have a look

Have you tried airbnb Nick?

That and being upside down under table somewhere probably.

Aha. Totally wrong area then. Never mind. I hope you'll be sporting a kilt and sporran and chucking a few trees or wellies around.

Nice try though and thanks.
Its central I’m looking for, Stirling, Perth area.

Sorry, ignore me. I think they have two double/twin rooms so probably sleeps 4 max.

Where in Scotland - it's huge! No, just asking because I have a friend with accommodation in North Berwick, just east of Edinburgh but that might not be central enough.