Accountant recommendation for auto entreprenour

Hi All,

Anyone can recommend me a good accountant that is used to auto entrepreneur and later moving to SASU?

I just arrived to France and started my activity, but i can already see that in one or two years will need to move to SASU. I need an accountant that can advise me how to manage my revenue and savings (like PER) the most optimal way. Would require the person to help understand if I declare individually or as a family unit.

Any suggestions, ideally someone disponible remote.

Many thanks!!

You would be better getting someone local to you that you can see easily face to face, with whom you can discuss your concerns directly.

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In my very limited experience, a French accountant ie expert comptable is just that, a very expert number cruncher whose speciality is French accountancy rules which I believe are extremely complex, rather than a financial advisor. If it does not go on a balance sheet it is outside of their main interest.
Your bank may be a good source of advice about financial products.
For as long as you operate as a micro entrepreneur it is hard to see a role for an accountant, until you actually start preparing to move onto SASU.
I agree with the advice to use a local accountant.