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I am a US citizen and just got my CdS. This is my first year living in France, thus first time will need to file two tax returns both the US and France. Can you recommend or at least know of a bi-lingual accountant conversant with US and French tax law/requirements?


With gratitude,
Phuong Thao


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Hi Phuong… if you put the word “americans” into the forum search engine
it brings up a whole load of threads relating to Americans in France and I reckon you will find some help therein…

Meanwhile… how long have you actually been living in France ???
… weren’t you talking about buying a property in October 2018???

I hope an american jumps in to help you soon, but do check out the “search”

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(phuong macleod) #3

Hi Stella,

Yes, we didn’t sign the final CdV until January 2019 and officially lived in France since then.

Thank you for suggesting, will use the word “americans” into the forum search engine.


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Hi Phuong…

I think you will not be making a Income Declaration in France until next year… 2020. (The Tax Year runs from January - December)

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