Accountants - cooperatives

I understand there is a concept of accounts working as a cooperative or similar and more affordable,e, has anyone come across this and where would i find if any near me in the lot

That’s a new concept on me, I’ve never heard of it before.
Not sure how accountants operating as a co-operative would work or how it would make the service cheaper, probably I’m missing something but TBH I would be suspicious of a cheap accountant. One thing every good accountant knows, is the importance of money.

But re your other post - if you are starting a micro, literally all you need do for URSSAF is add up your total turnover each quarter and enter one figure in one box. Do you really need an accountant to do that? Beyond that it’s simply a case of issuing invoices/receipts, collecting payments, keeping a record of turnover, keeping a record of stock purchases if you’re a reseller, and generally making sure you stay on top of the rules (mentions légales on your invoices, etc) for which there are several organisations that you can sign up to their newsletters and they send you regular updates on changes in the rules so you shouldn’t miss anything.