Acer Chromebook

(neil whitehead) #1

Considering buying one of these but can I download the BBC iPlayer to it?

(neil whitehead) #2

Just found that the iplayer has a Chrome download button with Linux, Windows and Mac so in theory........

(neil whitehead) #3

Have just found that iplayer has a download fo Chrome as well as Linux, Windows and Mac so in theory.......

(neil whitehead) #4

Have no problem with downloading on my Mac mini or PC via the VPN but the HP laptop is failing and the Mac is along way from the TV.

(Brian Milne) #5

No. without a proxy address in the UK and even then. We tried with my daughter's quite new laptop just after last Christmas. The Beeb have stitched that up really tight. I will not use a bad word, just let you choose one...