Activating my SIM

Okay. I'm stupid. As long as you understand from the start we will get along just fine.

I have a mobile phone, I have an Orange SIM card. It keeps telling me I haven't got a SIM card. It needs activating. I phone the number given on Orange and put in the code (if I have it right) and it does...nothing.

I'm doing it wrong. I hate the thing. Why can't I just get a card and it works when I put it in the phone? Why do they have to make everything so time consuming and complicated.

I won't be able to find the piece of paper with the number to dial now ... but...what am I doing wrong?

If it's anything like the phones we have the camera is also a torch, or vice versa of course. I've only just found that out btw by doing the thing which is completely alien to most blokes...... I read the instructions!

I started with that issue. I went into an Orange shop and told them, which they did not believe. They had a fiddle, said it doesn't work then replaced it. I still have the pointless shots I took on the way back to my car and never a problem since.

I think you need to call the Helpline unless another member here has experienced the same thing and there's a 'simple' solution. Calling other members!! Coooo-eeeeeey!

It's a contract SIM, so it should work.

Technology is a wonderful thing - providing it works!

Ha ha ha, you sound like me. I have my nice (cheap) pink phone. It may look cute but when all it says is no signal, no SIM, no network, nada, zilch, I might as well frame it and hang it on the loo wall.

Dopey question, but do you have credit on the phone (if it's a PAYG)? If it's a contract SIM, the card itself may be duff and you'll need to get them to send you another one.

It was ages ago. Very long break they are on.

It's me that's not doing it right. I think, it's an automated process - except when I do it.

Actually I'm just proud of myself because I've changed the language all on my own without the need of tranquilisers or antidepressants.

And, I has a camera on it. I stick my number to the back and it was covered up. Then again, it might be a torch...

Scrap the camera's a torch.

When did you put it in Karen? I think activation can range from immediate to a couple of days (why, I don't know, probably depends whether someone in 'support' is on their lunch break, a holiday in Barbados).