Activities in English with other kids

Hi !

I am a French daddy teaching English to his son (born in 2008).

It is a real pleasure to talk in English with him, he remembers very well words even if he doesn't use them.

To give him better chances to speak English (He understands better than he speaks) I am looking for contacts for bilingual activities with English native people and their children in Eastern France, ideally in the Nancy area...

Do not hesitate to spread the word........ !


Hi Thierry,

We're going to pop your discussion under Franglais kids as it fits well there & you might get lucky if someone living near you joins the group.


Hi Thierry,

If he likes music you could contact Lorraine on to see if there's a Kindermusik group near you.

Best of luck,


Hi Susan,

I have been talking in English to my son since he is 6 months old...

Dvd in English... etc...

The result is not bad at all but of course he talks more French than English due to the fact that when he's with his mother, everybody speak French (2 adults and 3 other boys)

However, I am proud to hear calling me "Daddy..." with a brilliant English accent when trying to ask for something !

Hi Thierry,

Congratulations on the idea of teaching your son English. I'm in Central France and my daughter was born in 1997, so can't help you for contact. However, I used to teach English to children in primary schools in France, as well as providing private lessons for children of primary school age and would suggest the following Internet site from The British Council they have lots of different activities for different age groups. I hope you and your son enjoy it! Good luck!! - Hilary