We(Chats du Quercy) are participating in the operation "food" of the site,
Actuanimaux supports many animal charities, allowing us to earn up to €500 to feed our animals.
This operation is free, for associations and for Internet users.

How it works?
As of 25 November from 5pm, go to the actuanimaux facebook page and you’ll see a list of participating charities -


To allow us to earn up to €500, we invite you, our supporters, friends, members… to connect to the facebook page, become a fan and click on the "j’aime" which will be next to the name of our association. The association to be the most "j’aime" will win an amount up to €500.

Why "up to €500"?
The amount paid to the association will depend on the mobilization of Internet users. This is completely free and only requires a little time a day. You can register for the daily automatic reminder:

To receive an email every morning reminding you to click.

Thank you for supporting Chats du Quercy

Exactly Regina, the more the merrier!

Thanks for your support


Can I actually "like" more than one association? I'd like to help so many, especially also "Phoenix Association", where my 2 beautiful rescue cats come from.

Good luck,