AdBlock not "unblocking"?

I use AdBlock to stop getting the irritating ads on sites like the BBC.
Just occasionally I’m happy to turn AdBlock off when I get a plea from smaller sites that they only show one ad per page. Or I’ll be asked to white list a free newspaper or something.
But when I use AdBlock’s dropdown menu and click on “pause on this site” and the AdBlock symbol turns from red palm facing to a green thumbs up, so far as the site itself is concerned I am still being told I am using an ad blocker or that I need to white list the site.
Has anyone any suggestions please as to what I need to do? I have Windows 10 by the way.

Thanks for any help.

Depends on your browser but have you explored installing Ghostery in either Chrome or Firefox
There are also quite a few Ad Blockers for Android as well.

@Graham_Lees I have Chrome Graham. What does Ghostery do?

This is my Ghostery extension under Firefox…

You can select what you want it to do, modify your choices as required and remove it it you don’t like it… It’s a free extension.

Thanks @Graham_Lees I’ll have a look.