Add selling online products to my registration?

Hi All,

My first post in here but it’s something I need to check. I’ve been an AE since Dec 2011, I’m a virtual assistant, can’t remember exactly what that comes under but I am just about to start selling things on my website, eCourse, eBooks etc… As these are products rather than services do I need to add an extra service to my registration with RSI? I notice when I declare my cotisations you pay less for products, actually half of what I currently pay.

My French partner says just sell them, which I would but if I can benefit from cheaper cotisations I’ll need to do it by the book won’t I?



My wife has two different activities. When she tried to find out, she actually went to see them, they just asked her to stay as she was originally or it gets too complicated. As long as incomes are declared and bookkeeping/records of invoices, receipts and so on are all in order, it makes life easier for everybody. If the sum total is less than 32,600 p.a. it does not matter to them, whatever the fine print says. One cent more then you are in a whole different world where everything would have to be separated, set up and administered accordingly and all charges by the activity/business. That sounds complicated and very expensive to me and to be avoided as far as possible.

I think the last site, the CCI one seems the most useful.

Thanks Louise, will take a look on the website, I did have a quick look on the first one but with Google Translate it's not easy to navigate.

Have you checked the official AE site for the lists of activities? The APCE site is also quite good. There is also some info on this page - it says that if your principal activity is non commercial, then you keep to the turnover of €32,600. If you want answers to questions in English try, which is a paying forum but any questions are answered very quickly and in English. This page has alot of info about having several activities as ae and seems very clear; . Hope this helps.

Hi Kim,

Thanks, that's helpful. I think I might do the same, it's bad enough trying to speak with RSI about anything, trying to do this will be even more complicated.

I'll keep looking into it, would be nice to pay less cotisations though. :)


Hi Jo

I have mixed registration in the AE system, 30% selling on line and 70% services, but all my registration only relates to the services work I do, that is what my turnover limit, etc is based on. I don't think they ever worked out how to do the split for cotisation and I pay all on the services related work even though the selling has a more beneficial rate. I can't be bothered to argue the point with the powers that be, not for the turnover I have. That said I registered within the first few months of the AE system, things may have changed now, they might be better able to deal with this now.