Addicted again

I thought I had beaten the addiction. It used to be all consuming. Some friends and relatives used to turn a blind eye, while others shunned me and what they saw as an evil habit. The craving would hit at random times - it was never possible to predict or control it. But after five years "clean" I thought I had it beaten. And then, while I was back in the UK recently on a short trip, temptation was put in front of me and I was lost - the spiral of dependency kicked in again. Now I find myself searching for my next fix. Does anyone know WHERE I can buy some decent pickled onions in SW France?

44 days later .... T H E Y . A R E . A W E S O M E !!!!!![](upload://92j4ONcm6smE6qXvuRnjwFVYWbL.JPG)

Right .... I have onions etc in jars .... now, the waiting..... the waiting. Will I crack????

Bit of a trek from Pau! :-)

Kent - no-one special in Corrie - have a look at this -

When I was a lad I used to valet the cars of the original cast in a garage near the original set. Not quite such a claim to fame but regularly got to meet some of them.

Who did you play?

Yep, the British food shop in Narbonne, just down the road from the railway station. Enjoy.

Stop Jo, you have me craving pickled eggs now you have mentioned chip shops!

Obviously I am not a pickled onion connoisseur, but I think the silver skin ones from Leader Price are fine. I've just picked a couple of my garlic bulbs from the garden and one of my favourite ways to use them is to caramelise them while the are fresh.

Thanks for the delivery suggestions .... had thought about it, but the prices are a bit silly.



"Grow" .... there's an interesting word. THAT's not going to happen. But your "method" is noted --- I'll give that a try! Re: the chutney ... many thanks, but I'm up to here in chutney, thanks to the family preservers.


Oh how I know that craving. Just returned from Scotland with 2 jars of "Chip Shop Onions" (named penny onions in the 60's as that was the price from the chip van). They are just like I remember from my childhood. I have purchased the silver skins here, probably from Lidl and they are almost the same but not quite.

Bonne chance!

Were you that bloke in the pub, dish cloth on head and eating pickled onions?

Try in Paris - they have Haywards pickled onions AND Malt Vinegar and will send by Colissimmo! Good luck

You could try one of the delivery services, especially if you crave other English goodies!!

I agree with the 'DIY' brigade, make your own. The downside is that like most such addictions you have to wait, pickled onions that are not matured are such a disappointment. I have precisely the same with chutney/sweet pickle. My best intentions are to have a permanent supply, however I forget and find myself in the cellar desperately scouring shelves then knowing that if I get all my ingredients together I can have the stuff made within 24 hours. BUT then comes the hard bit, as with the onions, if not left for at least a month to six weeks they just ain't as they oughta be...

Hmmm ... I'm not known for my culinary skills, but I might have a go. "Industrial" IS my preference.