Adding extra activities

Morning all!

So here is a little question to get the old grey cells ticking over on this wet and windy Tuesday morning....

As some of you may know, James's new hobby is building things from old pallets. We have had a lot of interest since he posted about it, a firm order and a possible outlet. Normally, I'd be tempted to wait and see but given the potential changes to AE, we're quite keen to get him registered asap as I suspect those in the scheme will get to stay and if anything does happen, it will be to make entry harder. In his case he will probably be required to prove he has followed a three year BTS in pallet reclamation and nail identification...

I've done some research and it would seem that you can combine (vaguely linked) activities but I tried to add 'fabrication of diverse wooden objects' to being an IT consultant online and was told to go the the Chambre des Metiers. This is a 2 hour round trip which I'm keen to avoid so I'm hoping one of you lovely people will have a suggestion / idea / information or a magic wand. Thoughts please?

Hohum, I shall explain as best I can because my OH (as grateful as she is to James for a couple of phone conversations whilst I was in hospital and being scammed) will not join networks of any kind. So not on SFN. So as accurately as I can put it, this is her situation. Because she gave up being an academic to be a freelance researcher, consultants as we always call ourselves pretentiously, she became an AE as soon as we arrived, as did I. About 10 months ago, because work is so low and money accordingly too little to live on, she began to sell houses. Off she went to the chambre de metiers to register for immoblier, but in the end they decided that since nobody can be two AEs that she remain under liberal professions. As Andrew says, bottom line is that she is coughing up cotisations so no questions asked.

Exactly Nick! But best get him registered for sales for the lower cotisations rate ;-)

from a now cloudy aveyron but still dry and no wind...

It's not a table - It's an accessory for his IT clients to place their technology on while he consults with them. A computer desk. Too far fetched?

Hi Catharine, from a dry, sunny and no wind aveyron!

Best thing to do is either to register him for vente de mobilier, that way he won't have any hassle from the chambre de metiers or need to produce diplomas etc. and he'll be on the lower cotisations to offset buying stock (materials in his case).

If all else fails, just get on with it anyway under services, as long as he's paying his cotisations nobody's going to hassle him ;-)

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