Adding second computer (Linux ubuntu) to Orange Livebox


Just had to change Livebox and can't add second computer which has Ubuntu. Works when connected with ethernet cable but not wi-fi, keeps prompting for security key, which is correct. Orange can't help, can you?!!

Yay - Well done.

Although I've never heard of routers taking on the old security key as this would mean the ISP then having to remotely log into the router and change the existing new key to the old key. Seems a bit long-winded to me and open to typing errors !

Hi Steve, problem solved!!! When I installed the new LB it asked me if I wanted to the same key as for old box, so I said yes and man at Orange said it was correct too. BUT just had to reinstall printer and it wouldn't accept key, so tried new one and hey presto!! So tried it on other computer and it worked...I had already tried it, but i must have mistyped it. Anyway, thanks once agin for taking the time to answer my questions. Bonne soirée.

Right - that confirms it to be the fault of the dreaded LB - now all we need is a LB expert

wi-fi worked fine on old livebox....grrrr!

Your Ubuntu could do with upgrading to a later LTS, I would suggest 12.04, this 'might' possibly have some bearing on connectivity issues.

With regards to 'spaces', they should NOT normally be acceptable, OK the key may well be in groups of five characters/numbers but enter them as one long chain (no spaces or hyphens).

It's not unusual for an ISP to throw their hands up in the air, they won't have a 'crib sheet' to refer to (hehehe - amateurs).

Am trying to remember what 10.04 looks like as I would like to know if Ubuntu has registered the Livebox as one of the authorised connections, maybe Nick can remember, so that we can check if it is set under the correct Security Type (most probably WEP or WPA2) and that it's also set to Connect Automatically.

Hi Steve,

It's UBUNTU 10.04 LTS. I entered it in upper case as it appears on the label from Livebox and Orange confirmed that it was correct, they suggested trying it with spaces between groups of numbers as well as without, but neither works....

Hmm. Can't see any reason why Ubuntu would not remember the WiFi settings, mine has remembered every single different one that I have used in the last 24 months of travelling!

Suspect that this may be something to do with the Livebox, unfortunately I'm not with Orange so have no experience of their workings. Sounds to me as if the box is not pairing the device properly which would imply something may need changing in the settings, there ought not be any reason why you cannot have multiple computers (of multiple OS) connect at any one time.

Which release of Ubuntu are you using?

With regards to the security key, are you inputting this is upper or lower case (although a good system should not really care), if the key shown on the Livebox is in upper case make sure you're also entering it through Ubuntu likewise.