Adhesion de votre entreprise et retraite complémentaire

I registered as an auto-entrepreneur/profession liberal. I am a solo practitioner , I received a letter from several institutions such as Humanis, AGR2... saying that I must by law registered with one of them "pour gerer la retraite complementary de mon personnel present ou a venir". Is this for real?

Thank you


Sarah and Anne - don't ignore it, just ellect one of them - you have to but as an AE it'll never come into being unless you employ people - yet another bizzarary of French legislation - has to be done but has no effect!

Hi Anne,

I found this:

AE info

From what I gather, it only really applies if you are to have employees otherwise you pay nothing and if you don't reply to the letter they automatically register you in a scheme anyway, which will lay dormant until you employ someone!

Thanks Sarah,

My guts tell me that you are probably right. In any case I figure that I have done what was asked from me and if they want more "they" 'll figure out away to let me know.

I am throwing away all of that "literature", clearing up my space for better things.

I also received a letter from Humanis, which I ignored, along with all the other bumpf I received asking me for a payment for membership etc. Most of these letters seem to word it so that you initially believe it is obligatory to either join them or pay them or both. As far as I am aware, I have done what I need to do. I have registered with RSI and with my chosen Mutuelle company etc.

I could be wrong, but I believe Humanis and the others are just casting a wide net in which some suckers will get caught.