Admins water softener thingy

Hi all, a few years ago I remember the sites founders testing a small external (the wires wrap around the out side of the pipe) water softener / lime removers gizmo…

Two questions:

  1. did it work ok?
  2. if so what was it and where do I get one?

@james was this you?

No it didn’t, at least not in my case.

There used to be similar gadgets to wrap around your fuel line that were supposed to increase your mpg!

Not something I’ve tested (water ultra soft here) but could be this or this

That looks like the thing, thanks

Didn’t work out then, that’s a shame !

We really need to do something The hard water here is a nightmare !

You probably need one of these, they work well.

Hello James
Think that I must have a dreaded Gremlin here because your link is taking me to Amazon fr but books and all sorts of wierd and wonderful things. :thinking:

Ann … just start typing adoucisseur d’eau in the top line of Amazon then press enter…

if not…

Another senior moment here … thanks Stella :roll_eyes:

There is only one way of guaranteeing softened water, and that is to use equipment that actually removes the hard calcium salts from the water.
None of the electronic coil or magnetic gizmos you see advertised do this. They claim to ‘ionize’ the salts in the water preventing them from adhereing to surfaces, which, from my own experience, they fail miserably to do.
I installed a water softener years ago and can say it was one of the best things I have done to the house. No calcaire marks on anything and use much less soap/detergent. The initial outlay to buy and fit it was about €800 but the running costs are minimal, about 6 or 7 bags of salt a year.

It is a bit unfortunate that the technology behind the electronic ones gets such bad reviews. They can and do work but not the silly little ones that were sold on here. When the family who were selling them were on SFN they sold the units by the size of your property (bedrooms) not on how hard the water is in your area (Doh) hence undersized units and dismal failure. I read several industrial papers where the technology has been used effectively to keep the hardness in solution (they produce a softer version of the minerals but do not remove it) The only way to remove it is by ion exchange resins that require salt to swap calcium for sodium. Zeolites are very good for this and are what is inside most of them. once the zeolite gets saturated it is soaked in the brine solution to recharge it ready to go again. You should have one tap to drink from that is not softened water.

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AKA a water softener

Yup, if only you had quoted to the end where it says softened water the context would have been complete.