Adopt a chateau

I think this is a novel way of “saving” a piece of history from total destruction/decay… although there is a little more renovation work needed than I would want to take on myself…:grin:

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It is rather lovely.


This is fascinating. I’m a little confused, can you help? I still don’t quite get it… Did the crowd-fund donors help an individual to buy a castle with the understanding that the new owner would renovate it? At auction it was sold for 853K euros… So the crowd-fund folks who chipped in the 50 euros each, helped pay for the castle at auction, right? And now there’s a new, private owner?

If so, then would it be safe to presume whoever owns this castle is now required to renovate it (as opposed to, say, razing the whole thing and building something else)?

It’s great to give a historic monument that would otherwise have eventually crumbled to nothing but rocks again, new life; but is that new life that’s being given to the castle, controllled by just the one private individual? If so, then I guess maybe I’d prefer to help a nonprofit buy up a castle and renovate it so that it becomes a national historic monument.

This explains everything… :relaxed: The co-operative do want to buy and save old properties…and everyone who gives money has a share in the ownership.

The price went too high a price for the co-operative… when a private person with more means bought it…He already owns other property… and the chateau should be in good hands.

“Etienne Cluzel, 31 ans, habitant de Carlux et restaurateur (au Rouffillac), est donc le nouveau “maître” de Paluel. Le château est seulement à 10 km de chez lui.”

Ah, thanks! I didn’t trust my french reading skills well enough; nuances (or even not-so-nuanced meanings) escape me pretty easily, still. Furthermore I hadn’t seen the part about Etienne Cluzel.

Makes a lot more sense now.

So … if I’m not mistaken, those who gave the 50 euros can opt to get their donation back; or, they can leave it and help the association try to buy a different castle. I guess all of the castles go at auction, so there may always be the possibility for a higher bidder…?

I guess there are 3 days left in which join the crowd and donate the 50 euros to become part of “the adventure.” I think I’m getting the point now. I appreciate learning about this!

Ha ha… it’s very easy to get completely the wrong end of the stick… I’ve done that a lot…I’m not sure what the fine detail is… so you keep reading…

I am used to speed-reading English… and doing that in French just does not work… at least, not for me… :relaxed:

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Quote from MrCluzel: " Ce château me tenait à cœur.

Je suis du coin, du pays, un Sarladais.
Maintenant, le travail commence. Il y a énormément de travaux à réaliser.
Je veux rendre toute sa splendeur au bâtiment. Cela va être le travail d’une vie.
La priorité est d’abord de couvrir le château afin qu’il ne se dégrade pas plus.
Le risque, c’est la ruine. On verra ensuite ce que l’on peut faire dedans. "

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Not that adventure but there are plenty of others.


Mind you… invest 50 euro… get part-ownership… doesn’t that mean you have to foot part of the bills ongoing ??? Just a thought… make sure you understand what you are getting into… :relaxed:

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Another “good deed” done…

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and more,

Got to figure out how to be a part of the next one :slight_smile:

Why the next one. This one is still open for another 20 days.

Would prefer to have one closer to Lot et Garonne but even so if the Christmas shopping stutters then I could make a splash here :slightly_smiling_face:

I need to have a closer look at Dartagnans (the crowd funding site)

Just saw this one this morning, browsing BBC online… has some beautiful aspects to the architecture…but renovation costs may hamper me buying my yacht :smiley:

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