Adorable dog video

(Helen Wright) #41

If you have the stomach for it I follow a vet in Gambia…ticks and fleas and a horror I’d never even heard of before…mango worms…

(Helen Wright) #42

There are established breeds that have been around for hundreds of years…they were bred true to type for specific work…there is a huge difference between “inbreeding” and line breeding…

Admittedly there a few breeds that have come under scrutiny and rightly so…the Pekingese the pug the British bull dog the German shepherd to name a few of them…

Personally I have a dislike of all the “flat faced” breeds…maybe it’s just me but a dog’s facial features should resemble those of their ancient ancestors…and if people are purposefully ‘breeding” puppies that cannot be born naturally let alone even mate naturally then yes I think there is a discussion to be had about letting those “breeds” die out if there is no commitment towards more natural jawlines and snouts and profiles etc…

(Helen Wright) #43

Any way…staying on topic…adorable dogs…! x :slight_smile:

I’ve had ones who could easily jump a 6 foot fence…x :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #44

Lovely Helen, your dogs? Great to see them working, I spent most of my school hols on a Cumberland farm, they had a Border, ‘Glen’, Him and the Boss were amazing, with sheep and cattle, I was fascinated, by how the Boss could whistle, with two fingers in 'is Gob! :slightly_smiling_face:

(Ann Coe) #45

Yes I have seen it, bought the DVD to watch with mum, we both love it. A real feel good film and cleverly done too. Next rainy day I will get it out again :smiley:

(Helen Wright) #46

No not my dogs Bill…mine have never worked…only job they’ve ever had is being my best friends…always listening…non judgemental…and making me laugh every day whatever else is going on…x :slight_smile:

I just find it fascinating how the different breeds over hundreds of years retain their breed traits…pastoral…gundogs…working…terriers…etc (border collies are pastoral)…and how an understanding of that purpose can help people understand in advance the puppy they are buying…they are all cute at 7-8 weeks old but it’s good to know what you might be facing at 2 years old by understanding in advance what makes them tick…

Relatives on my dad’s side had a farm and we used to spend a fortnight there every summer…the highlight for me were the Border Collies…it was probably inevitable that it was the breed I would choose soon as I left home and had my own place…x :slight_smile:

(Peter Goble) #47

Thanks for putting me right about breeding, Helen, and I had overlooked selective breeding for rural purposes, and of course it makes sense to do that, dray-horses for general logistics, cows bred for better milk quality and quantity, dogs for intelligence, agility, endurance, and herd-management skills, cats for control of vermin and as shamanic familiars, hens for eggs. The list is endless, and there is much to learn about suchmatters, so many assumptions ans misconceptions to set aside too. :thinking::grinning:

I did think the video of the rocket-propelled dog’s belly-flop into the lake, and the ensuing tsunami was huge unbridled fun. Dogs are endearing. There is a small elderly low-slung dog that runs the local Presse, and gives every customer an appraising look, and most men a sniff, as if to determine their eligibility for a Lotto ticket, some cigarette papers, or a newspaper. He is very French in personality, not easily impressed, and gives little away in terms of tail-wagging or ear-cocking. Definitely le patron.

Yours posts never fail to impress. Keep up the noble work on your many important causes.

Pete :slight_smile:️ x

(Helen Wright) #48

I loved the Border Collie jumping into the water video too Pete…fun fun fun and a positive outlet for the unbridled energy…

I also loved the Tia video…,she’s still really a baby at 16 weeks and I liked the way those presenting the video cautioned that if you’re not prepared to work with their energy and creativity then a Border Collie is not the right breed to choose…they love being with you and as I mentioned I had one who would jump a 6 foot fence with ease just to be with me…the obstacles in the Tia video are below 6 foot and she jumps over them as if they aren’t even there…

I love the shamanic element Pete…I think we have lost touch with nature…although it’s not so much “us” as the corporate financial slavery system backed up by an unjust judicial system that has imposed an economic value on just about every breath we breathe to benefit an uncaring psychopathic few over the well-being of the many …???

(Bill Morgan) #49

:+1: :rofl:
Yes dogs are amazing, pretty well never been without one in my life Pete!
First I remember, at about 3 or 4 was a Wirehaired Terrier, ‘Monty’, Montgomery, just after the War, absolutely perfect name, He was a Little, Aggressive ‘Barsteward’, :rofl:

(Mat Davies) #50


Here is a quick pickie of our now 10 year old as a puppy. You can never see enough pictures on Border Collie puppies!

(Peter Goble) #51

This is true re societal injustice, and losing touch with what matters, Helen. Our consolation and our hope is in our children, who are not attached to nor seduced by material things, they are honest, principled, unselfish, frugal, generous and highly committed to animal welfare and environmental issues.

I am very sorry about your daughter’s serious illness, Helen. It’s inevitable that we sometimes feel helpless in face of their situation, but they are stronger than we imagine, and need our respect and confidence in their capacity to cope, rather than our sorrow or pity. I know you are such a parent, you reveal your stature in everything you utter. :slight_smile:

(Helen Wright) #52

She’s beautiful Mat…I never tire of loving and appreciating the light in their eyes…x :slight_smile:

(Bill Morgan) #53

‘Sparkle’ Helen :slightly_smiling_face: our Labracollie is 10 now Mat, catching up on me :slightly_smiling_face:

(Mandy Davies) #54

She’s lovely. Gorgeous eyes.

(Helen Wright) #55

(((((( Hugs )))))) The worst I can imagine at the present moment is the loss of my eldest daughter whilst I’’m still here… so I try my hardest not to imagine that outcome…imagine…I-MAGI-ne…

She’s an inspiration to me…how can she not be when she’s dealing with what she’s dealing with…and do I remember that you share the same birth date…???

She’s beautiful brusque funny strong…kind caring adamant…, defender of all those without a voice…and yet… as vulnerable as the day I first held her in my arms over 30 years ago and whispered a promise in her ear that I would always protect her and always be there for her…

That’s difficult for me…that in the last 3 or 4 years I’ve not so far been able to fulfil that promise of protection…

With love for your lovely lady and all my best wishes for a speedy recovery…:heart:

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