ADSL wiring

Hi all,

Happy new year to you.

My very clever dog managed to knock the wall mounted phone block to the ground yesterday, (don’t ask!!) and consequently I no longer have a working phone line.

I went out and bought a replacement doofah, (this is a technical term I promise) in order to rewire things correctly, as I noticed that the existing one was in quite a bad way.

So as per the instructions online, I wired in grey and white wires to sections 1 and 3 but it hasn’t worked.

When I took thugs apart to look at them, the four wires usually wired in on the left side, e.g on points 1, 3, 5 & 7 weren’t uncovered. However the orange wire was in section 3 and I’m assuming another wire was with it…

The yellow and brown wires were also uncovered at the tip as if they had been wired in before.

I tried putting the orange wire into 3 as I found it but this hasn’t worked (and I didn’t really expect it to but you never know).

As you’ve probably understood I’m using an 8 point unit and as per the instructions online, only using points 1 and 3.

If this makes any sense whatsoever to anyone, please could you let me know if there is a different way of wiring this up so that u can get everything working again?

Many thanks in advance.

Oh dear, no wonder nobody replied! Sorry bout that ;)

Your spelling of Doofah (sic) is incorrect; it should be Doofer.