Advert on Survive France

The advert below just came up for me on SF. haven’t clicked on the link as well I never do, but this looks really dodgy! ?

Anyone else got any thoughts on this?

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The ads are delivered by google Adsense, I have no control over the content, I have to trust Google’s review policy

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Thanks for your reply. I didn’t mean for it to sound like I was holding you responsible. Good to know there is a filter in place.

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This is the type of ad I am seeing .along with numerous recommendations for fur lined slippers which I’ve also been browsing just because the furry owl slippers I bought with me from U.K. have seen better days and my pup has a tendency to run off with one when they are off my feet…:grinning:

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Browsing with Brave, adverts are automatically blocked. Browsing using firefox on the phone and it’s all blingy cheap jewellery or unfeasibly tanned curvy women modelling Christmas jumpers, plus an ewok tee shirt.

Maybe the adverts just show people what they want to see. :wink:

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A friend recently told me about Brave too…

Yes I’m only on a phone so the ads get a bit wtfish at times…the worse is when I’m scrolling scrolling scrolling….feeling a song coming on :grinning: