Advertisements now obscuring SurviveFrance header line

Let him. I don’t care because it doesn’t impinge on my quality of life. Usually ads are blocked, but if some sneak through, it means I’m less likely to buy that product.

And as for the pleasure of being a billionaire - I’d be terrified of being kidnapped or having 24/7 security around me - it was bad enough in S Africa when I was socially obliged to employ a maid and a gardener once a week.

What adverts? I use Adblock Ultimate on my iMac & MacBook Pro, use Duck Duck Go as a search engine & browse with Firefox. I find it makes for a clutter free internet experience :slight_smile:
P.S. I also use the following Firefox add-ons; Privacy Badger, Privacy Possum & uBlock Origin.

…but you get free browsing and all the benefits of free Internet
You can’t have cake and eat it (unless you’re Boris Johnson) somebody has to fund all the infrastructure, servers, processing, real estate etc and its done by free service but monetising the activity. Nobody has proposed a paid for by subscription Internet,…the capital cost and ongoing costs would require user numbers that wouldn’t ever be achieved and at a cost that wouldn’t be paid by users. Would you pay say €20 for an ad free net and no exploration of your activity.? Just ignore the commercials and enjoy the free ride !

None of that is done by Google, FB, Twitter, et al John. The Telcos provide the infrastructure and we all pay for our internet service through our mobile, broadband or fibre subscriptions. Telcos do not use advertising in their business model. In Europe anyway, I don’t know about other geographies.

They’s a bit of a hackneyed saying about the Net, if something is free then you (the user) is the product, because nothing is free. Google have “free” search, email and apps but that’s just so they can spy on people and use the personal data they collect to target advertising and/or sell to third parties. FB and Twitter the same.

I prefer to pay €99 a year (for some reason I only got charged €80 this year) for a family subscription to Microsoft 365 which gives me and five other members of my “family” all this for a total of €2 per week and no prying eyes on any of us.

Nobody could accuse me of being a MS fanboy but I do think this is a good deal and I do know the raison d’etre of the “free” products is to gather personal information.

@John_Scully …I also have 365, good value given the excellent support I have experienced and continually updated app.
I know Telcos run the transmission infrastructure I worked for a sub’ of KPN, and Kingston Comms. (Kcom).
However the SM platforms have extensive infrastructure which they can either fund by monetising data or charge a subscription…most people seem happy with the former…rightly or wrongly!

IMO John there is no “rightly” in letting a bunch of unregulated freewheeling arseholes become the custodians of my data. Believe me this is a problem but, with all due respect, well intentioned people like you are waking us into trouble.


I’ve got other things to interest me, than this…I don’t think I need to worry to much about Mr Google or Miss Facebook knowing I’ve looked at doors on a Bricolage Web site, or the opened hours of Super U.

Did you know that 23% of adult males who look at DIY sites then go on to look at porn? Mr Google and Miss Facebook (Miss? - surely The Zuc is male?) certainly do.

I have no doubt that Mrs Strudball will have endless patience when the AI bots figure you are a good target for sexy lingerie and bondage gear ads :rofl:

PS, I made the above up, of course - though given the proclivities of the average male I’d hazard a guess it’s actually an underestimation but you get my drift, it’s not necessarily your browsing habits but how those tickle the AI bots.

In fact you probably just get listed for spam about woodworking plans - I mean, why is that even a thing?


There’s a wonderful ironmonger’s/DIY shop in Macclesfield with an eye-catching window display of chains, clamps, all sorts of things. Its name? S&M Supplies…


I’ve restarted ads having removed the most annoying one from mobile. Please let me knoiw if this is not the case for you. Thanks

subscribers should not see any ads

The top banner ad is loading at the top of the page still obscuring the top Survive France logo line.

If one happens to arrive at the top of the thread or if on a long thread the very beginning of the thread is returned to (scrolling or select post 1, say) then it becomes possible to put one’s finger in a thread area and “drag” the Survive France page down a bit revealing the top Survive France line with the logo.

The whole Survive France page is then visible and the banner stays at the top and the big ad in the middle is also still in its usual place.

Sadly no longer by the look of it

They should have gone online :crazy_face:

Forget Shopify or magento, surely their natural online home would be OnlyFans? :laughing:

I read Onlyfans did a U turn on banning "explicit"material when they realised that people only visit their site to watch “explicit” material.

There’s a mamagement team that doesn’t understand its value proposition :joy:

I understand they were under pressure from Metro Bank and… someone else, I forget who, who they bank with, which was partly what caused the panic. Banks are incredibly twitchy about anything that could be considered “sex work”, I have read previously that a lot of the… models? talent? I dunno, also have trouble as no one will open business accounts for them specifically to deposit the proceeds of only fans proceeds and so they have to use personal accounts which is against the T&Cs and makes it a bit of a waiting game before they get closed.

Ultimately it’s pressure from a relatively small religious group in the US who believe all pornography and sex work is sinful and should be rooted out - especially child sexual exploitation but I don’t think they are that keen on any sex work TBH - I forget the details but a quick internet search should unearth them.

Unfortunately, removing safe ways for people (mostly women, it has to be said) to engage in such work just drives it underground with a significantly higher chance the workers will be exploited or suffer violence at the hands of pimps and clients.

Could you please do a screen shot of that for me?


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