Advertising without a siret

Am I allowed to pay for and put out an advertisement without a siret number ?

I want to test the market before forming a company and I thought the best way to do that would be to advertise and measure the feedback.

When I say test the market, I really do mean it as that, not to do any work or earn income through the company, simply to have the market feedback.


Would rather someone else was doing the learning and passing on at times though! :-)

Thanks Tracy - best to be on the right side of the law I reckon. Seems like lots of people learn by experience here. Thankfully you are here to pass on these gems!

The legal answer (according to the Chambre de Metiers setting up course) it that it is illegal to do any form of 'written' advertising before you start your business. We discussed the ridiculousness of this at length but that is the law. As Andrew says, set up as AE and you are not breaking the law - so long as you have a SIRET number you are set up, there is no such thing as 'waiting' for a SIRET number - you have one or you haven't.

However, if you are hoping to set up and claim any subsidies etc for new businesses be aware that you wont qualify as you are already an AE. (I learn all these things the hard way by the way :-( )

I like this answer!

I can't see a problem with it Nick as you could put it down as purely market research. Alternatively, as it doesn't cost a penny to set up as an AE, and you don't pay any cotisations unless you actually earn anything, why not set up anyway and then you'll be covered whatever, plus you'll be able to react to advertising feedback immediately...

Following on from a theme that is developed in another discussion, this is probably a tricky question since it doesn't tick any of the boxes. The assumption would be that if one is advertising, then one is operating a business;;;and that is not necessarily the case is it?