Advertising your French property for free

Hi everyone ,

With Brexit looming, some of you might be considering selling their French property.

We offer to advertise your property on our “experimental” website HouseHunters Selected Properties for free. We’ll charge you nothing even if you find your buyer through the website. Your listing will apppear with your contact details (for customer interested in dealing directly with you) and ours (for customers who need a little help, say French speaking only). All what we request is a property description (number of beds, baths, etc but also why your house is attractive), some nice pictures (up to ten), the selling price and your contact details.

We tested the offer with some of you and got a good feedback. That’s why we now address the whole forum (and the forum member friends and the friends’ friends)

Why are we doing that ? Actually we are interested in attracting visitors to our website. We are property finders and we sell no property but without a flashy show window advertising property pictures, one cannot attract people and engage them. That’s why we thought about a win-win solution. Hope you’ll appreciate.

Kind regards,


Sorry, I forgot : we shall advertise property for sale by private owner only. That’s important.