Advice needed on trailer wiring, please

I am about to buy a small trailer and already have a towbar which I intend to fit myself.

In the distant past, I wired trailer plugs by identifying the relevant wires and connecting with Scotch Locks. Now I find that there are bypass relays.

Since my car is not fitted with bulb-check technology, do I need a bypass relay?

Does the Control Technique include trailer wiring?

Am I required to report installation of a towbar for registration or insurance purposes?

Thanks Carl.

My observation of other road users tends to suggest that bulb-check technology is rarely found in French cars!

If the car does not have a built in bulb failure warning system then splicing the wires should work just fine. If the hazard lights will not work properly after you have finished then you might need a box of tricks.

I usually look at tow bar kits on ebay to see what is included. If they contain extra relays then you can assume you need them.

Although I have no knowledge of the actual laws I have never seen the CT man pay ANY attention to tow bars other than checking it is mechanically sound.