Advice needed with France based house clearance and removals

Hello All,

My wife and I are selling up in Siran 34210, and are planning ahead. We are not moving back to the UK so it is likely we will put our belongings in storage before we find our next house. Can anyone recommend a good mover within France, also advice about storage. Also house and rubbish clearance? Many thanks

Hello Patrick and Welcome to the Forum…

Hopefully someone will chime in soon…

Meantime, I note that Yellow Pages offer many Movers and Stockers… you’ll want a couple of Devis… … although I appreciate that a recommendation is always a good start…

Around our way, there is a “ressourcerie”, they come along to empty houses, then sell on anything half decent and dispose of the rest

Might be worth checking to see if something similar is in your neck of the woods

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Stella and Mark, thank you very much for your contributions. Will investigate.