Advice on buying desktop all in one

Reading through the thoroughly helpful replies about laptops, please could i have some feedback on this computer I am about to buy.

I have an ASUS laptop I am very happy with so that's OK I can see it only has 4GO but as our current antique is from 2007 I am sure it will be fast enough for us to use as a family'small business computer. I love the no box as we have a space issues but can anyone see how it stands up, it says wall mountable but I need to put it on a desk.

If anyone could help me with comments on purchasing OFFICE as well that would be good.

Thank you to anyone who has comments, good or bad, they will be appreciated as I need to order it today if possible before I hurl the old one out of the window.

Typically, a Core-i5 processor, say the i5-2500K @3.30GHz, would run about 50% faster (Passmark 6487) than this. Nevertheless, the 4150T @ 3.0 GHz offers just about the best value-for-money, in terms of bang-per-buck, of all the Intel processors, according to Passmark, anyway. For Tracy, this means that she's made an excellent choice.

In terms of value-for-money, it's interesting to see that PC World, in the UK, are offering a similar model, albeit with 8GB of RAM rather than 4GB, for the princely sum of £650 (or about €820.) It certainly makes a change for a French supplier to be more than price-competitive with the UK market! (It's noticeable that Darty, which is a UK-owned outfit, is competing directly with on this one.)

LOL, honestly Carl, Vista was the biggest load of c--p but when you have young kids and are self employed there is always something more important to buy than a computer. We only have a flat screen telly cos someone gave us it - rumour has it we might be able to watch telly on the 'puter? Not to be honest our main use as it lives in a cupboard, to save space.

Throw a hooky* copy of Windows 7 on the old Dell and that'll seem like a racing car as well compared to Vista.

*Yeah yeah yeah... I know I should not say that but there you go.

Thank you everyone for your input, much appreciated and fortunately no one came up with any massive issues I hadn't spotted so it has been ordered!

For us the all in one will be great as we have a very small living area but need something bigger than a laptop. Love the racing car analogy, would love to up to 8gb and 5 core but it seems to be a massive leap in price. Hopefully in a couple of years we can upgrade and pass it on to one of the kids, who for now will be getting the old Dell - still complete with Windows Vista but hopefully when we take all our stuff off it will run well enough for homework.

I'm really not a fan of 'All-in-one' PC's because is one bit breaks... it all breaks

However... just a few thoughts

It will seem like a racing car from where you are coming from!!

That cpu and graphics chip can play Battlefield 4 on medium settings so it cant be that bad.

I've seen the same Asus PC's with 3 years warranty on some other sites so may I suggest you keep shopping around?

The amazon page does not actually say what resolution the screen has? 1920x1080 is what you want (it's a minimum nowadays)

If you could find the same thing with a core i5 cpu and 8gb of ram you would be REALLY pleased with it (they do make them)

but this is, in part, achieved by providing it with quite a slow processor

Well yes and no. I would say that for a 2 core cpu with hyperthreading, a cpu passmark score of 4437 is pretty fruity.

Sure. A quad core cpu (with or without hyperthreading) would be nicer for multi-tasking but the Core i3 4150T has a fair bit of grunt.

LibreOffice is far from being a package providing just the basics rather than the 'real thing'. Here's a link to a comparison that's now about two years old. The comments to the article also make for useful reading.

It's true that someone working with and exchanging complex documents regularly with a wide variety of outside partners could hit some issues even with the latest version of LibreOffice. In such a case, the purchase price of MS Office is a tiny part of the total costs involved. For those of us with more modest needs, it saves that money not just now but also for the inevitable upgrades in the future.

Another plus for LibreOffice is that it also works nicely on L*n*x systems, but don't tell Brian English :-)

Tracy, You certainly get quite a lot of machine for the money with this model, but this is, in part, achieved by providing it with quite a slow processor. Whilst I'm sure it will seem much faster than an antique(!) machine from 2007, this does mean it will reach its end-of-useful-life a bit sooner than a faster machine. That said, if it meets your requirements for 5 years or so, it certainly provides good value-for-money.

Acer machines do seem to be generally very reliable. I have an oldish (2009) Acer Netbook & my wife's machine is an ultra small form factor Acer Win 7 desktop from a couple of years ago. I also have a couple of friends with the same ultra small model as my wife's system. There's never been any kind of problem with any of them.

As for Office, I'd agree 100% with Krister & suggest you get LibreOffice. It's completely free, though they'd like a small donation if you find it useful. You simply download it from // I'd been using Office 2003 for a long time and found that LibreOffice was easy to adjust to whilst supporting all the modern file formats that Microsoft brought in to safeguard their revenues/provide additional capabilities. (Delete as you see fit.) You have little to lose by trying it, as there's no requirement whatsoever to donate in order to download. It's also got very good multi-lingual capability, and you can even change the interface language (on-screen commands, etc.) from English to French, & back again, in just seconds.

To me it seems like a very nice machine, has touch-screen even. I have helped a couple of neighbours to install and migrate to these all-in-one computers, and they do come with a desk stand. According to Asus web site, this one can even be tilted between 15 and 45 degrees. The wall mount is optional, similar system as for a flat screen tv.

Why buy Office, when there is the free LibreOffice ?