Advice on buying ordinary glass in France

Is it getting difficult to buy ordinary sheet glass - the kind you cut with a diamond or a wheel - in France? I ask because I'm trying to source the stuff on-line using, for some forthcoming repairs to an old fashioned attic window - and it's proving rather difficult.

I've had this runaround in the UK recently, trying to get a small sheet of ordinary glass for a broken greenhouse window - apparently, glass is now deemed too dangerousin the UK for ordinary mortals to get their mitts on, so only professionals can obtain and fit it (at huge expense) or you have to order pre-sized safety glass (at huge expense). A local firm wanted £50 to come out and fit a 12" square piece of 4mm glass that would have cost a fiver. I wound up going under the rader and swapping some MIG-welding for an offcut - and even then I was sworn to secrecy.

Jeepers! I've been messing about cutting glass pieces from sheet since Pontious Pilate was still in flying school. Each time I nicked myself I put on a band-aid (unaided) to stop the leak (I didn't go to casualty, either) and got back on with the job like a real grown-up. It's not exactly stuntman grade work - or is it nowadays???

Hmmmm - is it worth smuggling the stuff? ![:48:](upload://6dBFux5IbRdTbFB2Pwcb790tBI8.gif)

Can anyone pleeeeease suggest somewhere near St Lo/Villedieu-les-Poêles/Coutances where I can buy 4mm glass sheet for home cutting????

It is advertised on websites - for example

et al.

Do you have a Castorama or BHV near you ?

Mr Bricolage

Bob, ordinary glass in the EU cannot be used below 1100mm from the floor and it not advised these days for green houses for safety reasons. Glass below 1100 mm should be safety glass, laminated or toughened to lessen the chance of serious injury. Green house are now more commonly glazed with acrylic or polycarbonate so yes the companies would not want to sell you a piece they know you are going to be using against the regulations for obvious reasons.

When you buy a piece in france you'll think you are paying for safety glass though and glass for poeles if it's not off the shelf may reduce you to tears.

Maybe where you are in the UK it is tricky but other areas there are plenty of glass merchants in the local telephone directories, probably the same in France.

your nearest miroiterie is where to go

if you are not sure ask. that is what my instructor told me at training school, some one will all ways no the correct answer.

that is why this site and forum are so good.

you can go into most bricos and ask for glass cut to the dimension you want to fit yourself - it's not on display you have to go to the little desk for wood/glass cutting. Either cutting one sheet to size that you can cut into smaller pieces as needed or cut to the exact size you need to fit

Has anyone tried ordering tempered glass panels from the bricos?

Yes from Mr Bricolage about four years ago.

Horrific price, no doubt. I’m thinking of glass panels 70 cms high to top the edges of a decking platform. Trouble is, the deck is 14 metres wide!