Advice on health top ups

I will shortly being moving permanently to France. I have got my S1 but know I shall need top up from a mutuelle. I’m on two regular medications so can anyone suggest a good company that covers prescriptions?

Hello Blodri and welcome to the forum

I suggest you contact @fabien (simply by clicking on his name within this message)
He is a “tried and trusted” insurance broker … and many of us on the forum have reason to be grateful for his invaluable services and advice.

You might well see INSURANCE in the heading at the top of your screen… you can use that link also… it will get through to him…


+1 from us too for @fabien
We have a mutuelle organised by Fabien - he will tailor a plan for your specific needs and explain in plain English what it is you are paying for.
There is also a link to Fabien in the SF top Header under INSURANCE > Medical.

Also check whether the reasons you have these treatments is not because of a disease that is on the list of 30 Affection Longue Durée where, once registered, all costs are covered 100%.

We do not have a full top-up mutuelle, but a hospital only policy. This is an individual decision that works well financially for us, so you need to work it through for you. Our drug and treatments costs that are not covered by this policy or the health service amount to peanuts every year. Many common drugs are a cheap as chips so no point paying out €150 a month to get €3 back!

(Edit. Also of course depends on your attitude to risk!)


Good advice. I’m drastically over paying for our mutual and will be reviewing with Fabian as soon as I have a moment.

I have saved 29€/pm by exporting my van back to UK. It’s ‘sold’ by virtue of bids already received on the eBay auction.

Saved 17€ pm by switching from Orange to Sosh for the same level of service.

I’ve solved the problem of the 3 hourly spikes in my electricity usage. All to roll this up, add a bit and hand it over to @fabien for a mute. :grinning:


Likely, you will not work for a company in France ? Otherwise the mutuelle problem is specific…

Thanks for all the responses. I am retired and so have an S1. I just need (or maybe don’t?) a top up. Will definitely contact Fabien.

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Until you have a problem, and then there is no service!!

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